See how personalized beauty, tailored to your skin, hair, and body, is changing the game—plus, check out a few of our favorites.
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Bright or neutral, dewy or matte, deeply moisturizing or barely there-you know what you like in your beauty essentials. Why waste time and money trying on dozens of products before you find the right one? To help you hit the Goldilocks standard every time, consider these customized goods by the top bespoke brands. They're formulating tricky-to-buy items, from lipsticks to foundation, just for (insert your name here).

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Custom Colors

From customized lipsticks that complement your skintone to your ultimate dream palette of tailored tints, blushes, and bronzers, the team at Finding Ferdinand can craft any hue in the spectrum just for you-and you get to name it.

Finding Ferdinand Customized Makeup, from $30 each,

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Fit for Your Face

Whip out your smartphone to fine-tune your eureka formula: The free Made-2-Fit app prompts you to tap your camera around your face, and translates the data into a foundation shade that expertly matches your skin. Your name is printed on the bottle, and your results are saved for reorders.

Bareminerals "Made-2-Fit Fresh Faced Foundation," $49 for 1 oz.,

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Personalized Coverage

Head to a counter, where a sales associate will press a color-sensing monitor to various areas of your chin, cheek, and forehead. You choose from three coverage options-sheer, medium, or opaque-and the machine mixes the makeup on the spot for you to test before it's bottled.

Lancôme "Le Teint Particulier" Custom Made Makeup, ​$88 for 1 oz.,​

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Ultimate Hair Care

This company's survey dives deep, asking about your exercise routine and your zip code (to factor in UV exposure, water hardness, and more). You can order à la carte, or go with a set of three: shampoo, conditioner, and a hydrating hair mask that we swear by for silkiness.

Prose Custom Hair Care, from $25 each for 8.5 oz. shampoo and conditioner; from $38 for 8.5 oz. mask,

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Mighty Moisturizers

If you have combination (read: complicated) skin, this one's for you. A hydrating base comes in three levels of intensity, from light to ultra-moisturizing, and you select from five colorful cartridges to treat your top concern, be it uneven texture or tone, dullness, fine lines, or sensitivity. The cartridge slips into the base, forming an all-in-one treatment.

Clinique "Clinique iD Dramatically Different", ​$39 for moisturizer and cartridge,

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Your Best-Self Serum

You'll get a read on your skin's dryness level and oil production as an in-store rep holds a monitor and paper tabs to your face. Then you pick two treatments to take home and dispense into a serum containing moisturizing squalane, an olive-fruit extract. The potent options include wrinkle smoothers, pore refiners, and redness reducers.

Kiehl's "Apothecary Preparations​," $95 for 1 oz., plus 2 add-in complexes,

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Treat Your Tresses

An online quiz collects the qualities of your scalp and hair, along with your "goals," like increasing shine or repairing split ends. Next you choose a color and scent (we're partial to eucalyptus). These are ideal for odd-couple troubles, like dry ends and oily roots.

Function of Beauty Shampoo and Conditioner, from $36 for 8 oz. shampoo and 8 oz. conditioner,


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