And will help you cut down on environmental waste!

By Samantha Hunter
February 22, 2019
Courtesy of Ecoegg

Removing dirt and grime from our clothes is a very necessary task, but it's one that comes with a steep price tag. If you added up the total amount of money you spent purchasing laundry detergent or pods over the past year, you might be surprised by the number-for families who wash multiple laundry loads each week, a standard size bottle is used up quite quickly. That's why paying for laundry detergent is an expense that most of us undertake with some regularity. But what if we told you that you could eliminate that costly purchase from your monthly expenses while also saving yourself a trip to the store and doing good for the environment? It may sound like a tall task, but thanks to Mineral Laundry Egg by Ecoegg, doing laundry by the load just got a lot less expensive.

Ecoegg has revolutionized the way in which we wash our clothes and other laundered items with its latest detergent alternative. The Mineral Laundry Egg is not only all-natural, hypoallergenic, phosphate-free, and non-toxic, but it also packs other perks. Imagine saying goodbye to the gallons of liquid soap or pesky pods that take up space in your home and your brain. How many times have you started a load of laundry and had to double back because you forgot to pick up another bottle of soap? In addition to being easier on your wallet, the Mineral Laundry egg also makes the chore of doing laundry a whole lot easier.

Wondering how this powerful little laundry egg actually works? It's really pretty simple. To use it, the laundry egg must be filled with the company's signature dark and white pellets (which are sold along with the egg). The dark pellets (ceramic, meant to break down dirt) literally last forever, and they will never have to be replaced. The white pellets (mineral, designed to lift grime by oxygenating in water) dissolve over time and must be replaced once the dissolve down to half of their original size. The beauty of these magical pellets is that they do their job for some time-the company says you'll need to add replacement pellets around the 70th wash or so, which means each set will clean your clothes for about three months.

To get your clothes clean, simply load your machine as usual, then toss the egg inside instead of pouring in detergent. Maintenance of the egg is just as simple as its use-just let it air-dry. Available in sets that accommodate 210 washes or 720 washes, each egg set can typically last up to three years for a cost-effective $15-$30, with pellet refills costing just $10. Talk about economical and environmentally friendly!


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