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How to Wrap a Gift Without Tape

With nothing but a sheet of paper and your fingertips, you can wrap almost anything.

how to wrap a gift without tape

Photography: Anusha Rajeswaran

Source: Martha Stewart


This idea comes from our friend Anusha Rajeswaran of Fish and Bull. Most gift-wrapping tips and techniques call for one all-purpose tool: tape. But what should you do if you find yourself without it? This project borrows some of the paper-folding principles that are essential to origami and results in the same precision you get with double-sided tape: smooth folds, straight creases, and crisp, clean lines.


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  • Gift-wrapping paper

  • Scissors

  • Pencil


  1. Measure the entire width of the box, adding about two inches; mark with a pencil. (Tip: The easiest way to do this is to loosely wrap the paper around the box and mark with a pencil, as pictured here.) Cut along the length, folding the wrapping paper in half diagonally. (Note: It should look like a triangle.)

    how to wrap a gift without tape
  2. Lay the wrapping paper diagonally in the shape of a diamond; center the box in the middle. (Tip: To make sure the box is in the right position, pick up the top corner of the wrapping paper and slowly slide it over the box. Adjust the position of the box to ensure that the top is covered by paper entirely.)

    how to wrap a gift without tape
  3. Pick up the bottom corner of the wrapping paper and lay it flat on top of the box. Run your finger along the bottom right fold to create a smooth crease. 

    how to wrap a gift without tape
  4. With your left hand holding the paper in place, use your right hand and index finger to slowly fold the right side of the paper inward. (Note: This should fold naturally.) Holding the paper in place with your right hand, repeat for the left side.

    how to wrap a gift without tape
  5. Hold the gift wrap in place with your left hand and move to the top. Run your finger along the top two folds to create a crease. 

    how to wrap a gift without tape
  6. Pick up the top point of the wrapping paper and fold it down on top. (Note: You may have to stop and fold the edges a little to make it fold easily.)

    how to wrap a gift without tape
  7. Take the top corner that you folded over the box and tuck it into the bottom slot. Fold neatly to secure it in place.

    how to wrap a gift without tape

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