This Nordic yogurt-style cheese is on the rise in the dairy aisle.
stacked skyr yogurt cups
Credit: Peter Ardito

With a mild taste and thick, creamy texture, there's a lot to like about skyr. It's made with cow's milk and is similar in texture to Greek yogurt but even richer and creamier. If you've tried labneh before, you'll find skyr similar-and like labneh, skyr is classified as a soft cheese, though you'll eat it from the pot or with granola as you would a yogurt rather than spread it like you might with cottage cheese. One of the reason's skyr has become so popular is that it's packed with protein, a cup contains 20 grams, and has one quarter of the recommended daily requirement for calcium.

In Iceland, where skyr originated, it's sold in every supermarket or convenience store, it's in almost everyone's refrigerator, and is used in dishes on nearly every restaurant menu. Enjoy it on it's own or in one of these three creative ways.

blueberry-banana smoothie in glass
Credit: Lennart Weibull

Blend It for Breakfast (or an Afternoon Pick-Me-Up)

The combination of berries and skyr brings antioxidants and probiotics.

skyr hummus in bowl
Credit: Lennart Weibull

Make a Light Lunch

Our creamy take on hummus keeps the tahini but swaps out the chickpeas for skyr. Consider it a bean-free hummus and serve it with roasted vegetables, like beets, or enjoy it  as a dip with sesame crackers and crudités.

skyr panna cotta on plate
Credit: Lennart Weibull

Swirl It Into Dessert

Skyr is delicious on it's own, but this easy panna cotta takes it to the next level. Try it when you want a simple, protein-packed dessert with no refined sugar-it's sweetened with honey.


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