Whether you're looking for nut-free, gluten-free, lactose-free products, Scandit's newest technology will make shopping easier and safer.

smart phone app grocery shopping
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Grocery shopping with your smart phone is about to get a lot easier-and we're not talking about buying online. Thanks to a Swiss tech company, Scandit, new technology could soon help you find all the nut-free, gluten-free, and lactose-free products in any grocery store with just a tap of your phone screen. According to USA Today, the company's latest venture-technology that allows consumers to scan grocery shelves to find out what they should and should not buy based on their dietary needs-could roll out in American retailers as soon as six months from now; participating retailers are still to be confirmed.

Here's how it will work: Retailers will first decide what food product "filters" they would like to implement, whether it's gluten-free or low-calorie. Then, upon entering the store, shoppers can select the category best fit for their dietary needs through the store's app, scan a product aisle, and instantly see what products on the shelves do and don't match their own needs.

"Standing in front of shelves filled with hundreds of items can be an intimidating experience,'' Scandit CEO Samuel Mueller told USA Today. "Instead of picking the best item, many shoppers just give up and pick the most familiar one. (Augmented reality) filtering enables shoppers to quickly see beyond the shelves and into the products themselves so they can find exactly what they want in the most efficient way."

The technology wouldn't only make your shopping trips much easier, but it aligns with consumers' growing need to understand what exactly they're buying and an increased demand for transparency from brands. In fact, according to a survey from Label Insight published June 2017, nearly 83 percent of shoppers are often confused by the food ingredient labels on a product and up to 64 percent are willing to switch brands if another product has ingredients they're more familiar with. More than half of shoppers surveyed would even pay more for a product if they understood more of the ingredients listed.

Smart phone technology like this, however, could completely change how we make decisions about the food we bring into our homes-for the better. Feeling inspired to shop smarter? See how zero waste groceries are becoming a more popular way to shop, plus 10 money-saving tips for your next grocery trip.


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