Annual pay isn't always the most important factor in choosing a job.
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For some, going green may mean reducing your single-use plastic consumption or composting at home. But for more workers, particularly millennials, it's working for more eco-minded companies-even if it means taking a sizable pay cut, according to a new survey.

Led by Swytch, a platform that helps incorporate and track companies' sustainability efforts, the survey included 1000 participants ranging from baby boomers to Gen Xers who all worked at large U.S. companies. The finding? Nearly half of all workers-and 75 percent of millennial workers, who will soon be making up a majority of the workforce-said they would take a job with a lower salary if the company had stronger principles of sustainability. More than 10 percent of workers would even work for up to $10,000 less. As for Gen X employees, less than 25 percent of them would follow suit, while only 17 percent of baby boomers would do the same.

"From my perspective, it's a competitive advantage for large enterprises to really align themselves with employees' ideas about creating more environmentally sustainable choices," Evan Caron, co-founded of Swytch, tells Fast Company.

The survey also found that nearly a third of participants have invested more time and energy into a job with a strong sustainable background, while nearly another third have left a job because the company's lack of sustainability. The degree to which a company prioritized eco-practices and values also affected whether or not participants would plan on staying long term. A majority of the workers surveyed also agreed that businesses as a whole should play a larger role in the future of sustainability.


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