We're in love with this Ukrainian technique of decorating eggs.

February 15, 2019

If you're in need of some Easter egg inspiration, you might find a new source in pysanky eggs. This traditional Ukrainian method of decorating eggs has been around for several millennia-and crafty people everywhere are coming up with beautiful ways to riff off of the classic technique.

But first, what is a pysanky egg? You've probably seen them before. More traditional eggs feature a folk-art design, created using a technique called wax resistance. The idea is that you draw your preferred design (very carefully) on the egg with a pencil. After you have your design penciled in, wax is added to the pencilled lines. Once dry, the egg is dipped into colored dye, but the waxed areas remain clean. That's how you get the beautiful linework that this style of egg is known for. (We put together a complete tutorial here, so you can make your own).

But before you try your hand at a wax-based egg project, take a look at what others have done-we pulled together some of the most beautiful pysanky egg designs we could find in order to inspire you.


Blue Floral

We love the floral focus on this design, which a modern take on the traditional folk art staple. Instagram user woskiem_malowaneis proves that careful wax lines really pay off in the finished product.


Porcelain White and Blue

While it's a simple palette of white and blue, the detailed work on these eggs just proves the vibrancy of using a single color (in this case, blue) across a spectrum of shades to full effect. Pysanky crafter @goodharvestpysanka's nature-inspired eggs have us planning pysanka with our favorite plants on them.


Bold Colors

The sunny hues on @experienceukraine's eggs have us thinking of warmer weather and we love it. These are also relatively traditional designs, with the black outlining you'll see on time-honored Ukrainian pysanky eggs.


Detail Forward

While these eggs showcase an array of traditional colors, profiles, and geometric patterns, the stippled style of the design is something to truly appreciate. User @pysanka.shop is a great account to follow if you're looking for your own design inspiration.


Modern Folk

This egg has a serious folk vibe, but the black-and-white color scheme @tracywalkerart used gives it a refreshing modern twist. If you have a whole rainbow of colors in your decor, pysanky eggs like this would keep everything delightfully grounded.


Geometric Patterns

Applying the wax on these eggs must have been a true test of patience, but we're so glad @sweetbing took the time. Play with multiple colors in your pysanky egg designs for added depth.


Muted Neutrals

These traditional pysanky eggs shared by @traditionsltd are subtle, but the beauty is in the details. We love the birds hidden among the various patterns.


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