We've hatched a new idea: In this interpretation of a family tree, your grandmother, parents, and children of your own are all shown in evocative photographs decoupaged onto eggs. It's apropos to the spring awakening, and makes for an easy and rewarding project to work on with your children, introducing them to generations past and present.
family easter egg ornaments hanging from floral branches

The design of this Easter tree is a simple arrangement of family photographs decoupaged onto eggs. Eggs are among the season's most powerful and poetic signs of rebirth. While flowering branches, asymmetrical and spare, set the stage for a scene adopted from the newly invigorated outdoors.

When reproducing a photo—especially if you're enlarging it—you want to start with a good quality high-resolution image. Mix shots of people, special scenes, and sentimental objects for an artful effect. The images take on a dreamy, painterly quality when printed on thin paper and smoothed onto the shells. Thread them with ribbon, and they make personalized ornaments for hanging. Hang blown-out eggs from quince or other spring-blooming branches that are secured inside a vessel weighted with stones.

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What you need


How to do it

Part 1

an egg a photograph and a bowl of glue
Step 1

On your computer, size each photograph to the size of an egg. (Tip: To print multiple images on a single page, select the "contact sheet" option for a grid of thumbnails.) Print out photographs.

a photograph adhered to an egg next to a bowl of glue with a paintbrush
Step 2

Cut out an image, trimming to fit the shape of an egg. Brush decoupage medium onto the back of the photo, press onto egg, and smooth into place; let dry slightly before coating image with more decoupage medium. Let the egg dry completely.

scissors ribbon and an egg with a photograph
Step 3

Thread a 10-inch length of 1/8-inch-wide silk ribbon through the eye of a long needle. Insert needle in bottom hole of a blown-out egg; draw it up through the top hole. Leave a hanging loop at the top, and draw needle back down through the top and bottom holes. 

attaching looped ribbon to eggs with photographs
Step 4

Knot ribbon 2 to 3 times near bottom hole (make sure knot doesn't slip through the hole). Trim ribbon ends.


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