You'll cherish this half dozen for years to come.
various easter eggs

There's a lot you can do with a blank Easter egg, whether it's an actual egg or a faux variety. If you like the idea of making something long-lasting, consider wooden or felted wool eggs or even eggs made of glass and cement. Whatever material you choose, it's time to have a little more fun with your springtime decorations. The best part about decorating eggs of any kind is that it's a group activity-one all ages can appreciate.

Kick off the Easter festivities by inviting a group of friends and family over for a crafternoon ahead of the Sunday feast (which is best to do a few days before to allow time for fine-tuning and house cleaning, of course). Gather a few dozen of the eggs mentioned below and let your guests' creativity take the wheel.

Wooden Easter Eggs

You can find wooden Easter eggs at most craft stores. They come with a smooth, sanded finish that's primed for all kinds of techniques: Paint them, dye them, take your wood burner to them. Think of this as an actual egg, but much sturdier so you can really unleash some creative genius on it.

Darice Unfinished Wooden Eggs, $13.59 for 12,

Ceramic Easter Eggs

For a more delicate touch to your décor, add some ceramic eggs to your table. Unless you're a veteran with clay, it might be better to purchase the finished ceramic eggs-at least to start. These minimalist eggs from Mud Australia or these bright and shiny Easter eggs from Etsy seller The Art Room 1989 will light up any room. You can also purchase unfinished ceramic eggs, which take well to natural dye and paint.

Terrain Ceramic Dyeing Eggs, $32 for 12,

Felt Easter Eggs

Ornamental Easter eggs are almost too cute to believe. You could use these as inspiration to take on your own project or you could make almost two dozen eggs from a kit in their two pretty palettes: Magnolia for soft pastels or Zinnia for brighter colors. The kit allows you to hand sew your very own set, each one decorated with embroidered wool felt flowers. These would also make a great gift for the friend who always has the best decorations (hint, hint).

Purl Soho Heirloom Wool Easter Eggs Kit, $87,

Glass Easter Eggs

While delicate, glass eggs come in endless examples from blown ornaments to modern objets d'art. For a personalized touch, consider etching a monogram or happy greeting. Otherwise, they make beautiful décor all on their own-like these solid glass eggs from American maker Simon Pearce.

Simon Pearce Small Spring Egg, $60,

Cement Easter Eggs

They're strong, durable, and come in a matte finish-a practical choice for heavier appliqués, chalk painting, or gilding as seen in the ones pictured here. Use them as inspiration for your unfinished ones. Even better: Depending on how you choose to decorate them (or not decorate them), they'll make a stately accent in your outdoor garden, rain or shine.

White Cement Easter Eggs with Gold Bunnies Set, $13 for 3,

Papier-Mâché Easter Eggs

In kraft-paper brown, these eggs come unfinished and lightweight, which may prove ideal for hanging them as ornaments on an Easter tree. Some varieties are even halved and hollowed out, so they double as gift boxes.

Assorted Papier-Mâché Eggs​, $7 for 9,


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