Get ready to bring more of the outdoors in.
best living room paint 2019
Credit: Courtesy of Behr

From our obsession with plant-parenting to the growing concern over the state of our environment, there's no doubt that nature is on our minds more than ever before. For that reason, it might come as little surprise to you that the prevailing living room decorating trends for 2019 reflect our collective love for the great outdoors-Mother Nature, 2019 is turning out to be your year. From earthy tones to neutral, grounding hues, design experts predict that this year's living room paint palettes will be largely inspired by the natural world around us.

Here, four color families you can expect to see in living rooms everywhere this year. Plus, the experts share some of their favorite paint colors for each category.

Beautiful Blues

The classic color of calm, blue will be a top player in this year's trending shades. With more of us looking to come home to a space of serenity after a hectic day, these hues-reminiscent of clear skies, an ocean sail, the tranquil sound of a flowing river-are the perfect solution. Nervous about going too bold? Try Farrow & Ball's De Nimes No. 299 which Joa Studholme, International Color Consultant at Farrow & Ball, says is "a complex blue that feels totally at home in a living room. It's perfect for those who are wary of moving into the world of color, because it still has a familiar underlying gray tone."

For color enthusiasts, you can try layering up your blue looks with Behr's Blueprint S470-5 (pictured above). "It's a just-right, refined blue that makes a great base for monochromatic accents," says Color Expert and VP of Color and Creative Services at Behr, Erika Woelfel.

green painted living room with plant near window

Earthy Greens

Not only are we craving new ways to go green in our everyday life, but we also like the mossy color in our living spaces, too. "A calming shade, like the restorative deep Favorite Green 5011-4, helps us drown out the chaos and come together to disconnect and reconnect," says Valspar Senior Color Designer, Sue Kim. Farrow & Ball's Bancha No. 298 (pictured) is also a cozy choice, suggests Charlotte Cosby, Head of Creative at Farrow & Ball: "Create a dramatic and cocoon type interior by using strong colors, like Bancha, which soften the room."

If you want to go a little deeper, yet still crave versatility, Vancouver-based designer Gillian Segal says to try a dark olive, like Benjamin Moore's Green Grove 2138-20. "While it may be a green, the almost charcoal-like hue can read more like a neutral, allowing you to pair it with almost anything," she tells us. Another shade that helps bring the feel of the great outdoors in? "The earthy richness of Behr's Ecological S380-6," says Woelfel.

benjamin moore metropolitan swatch in living room
Credit: Courtesy of Benjamin Moore

Grounding Grays

Never got excited about the crystal craze of 2018? This year, try bringing stone-colored walls to your living room instead. Both soothing and complementary to a range of color palettes, grays continue to be a go-to hue for home interiors. "Metropolitan AF-690 (pictured), a sophisticated gray and the perfect backdrop for many textures, materials, and other colors can create a look that is modern, traditional, and anything in between," says Andrea Magno, Color and Design Expert at Benjamin Moore. Valspar's Cadet Gray 2001-2A also makes a comforting choice, suggests Kim.

best living room paint 2019

Darker Neutrals

Go dark this year by painting your space in a slightly more intense shade of your favorite neutral tone. "I'm really loving saturated neutrals right now," says Segal. "Instead of a light beige, try going for a deep camel, like Benjamin Moore's Dark Mustard 2161-30, which feels warm and bold." Or try a slightly lighter variation, like Behr's Amber Autumn S290-5 which Woelfel says helps "engage the senses and bring energy to a room-ideal for a space where you're entertaining guests."

Cosby also recommends a more muted, brown-based neutral like Farrow & Ball's Jitney No.293 (pictured), which evokes comforting visions of warm sandy beaches and being barefoot on the boardwalk. "It is important that you feel comfortable in the surroundings of a color," says Cosby, "Try using a neutral like this one to help create a calm atmosphere in the living room. By adding in your own personal touches, like photographs, you've created a relaxed, family-orientated feel."


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