New data shows more Pinners are curious about ways to be more eco-friendly.
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Credit: ChopValue

While we can't get enough of 2019's trending paint colors and home décor crazes, we're all about this latest spike in online searches (and bet Mother Nature would be, too). According to Pinterest's latest data, the search for "sustainable living for beginners" is up by a whopping 265 percent since last year.

Curious about how they can live a bit greener at home, Pinners are not only searching for more ways to go plastic-free and create zero waste homes and offices, but they're also searching for more eco-friendly activities for children (an increase of 59 percent) and both sustainable gift and gift-wrapping ideas, which together jumped 126 percent.

Beyond the home, Pinners preparing for a vacation are becoming more curious about ways to travel lighter and create less waste on-the-go, with these searches spiking 74 percent. And when it comes to shopping for new clothes, more users are looking to find sustainable fashion brands-these searches up by 49 percent!-who opt for crafting their items out of recycled and organic materials. Searches for clothing rental services are also seeing an increase. Some Pinners are even interested in eliminating waste from all areas of their life with the search for "zero waste hacks"-like DIY-ing cleaning products and creating an everyday "zero waste kit" with reusable essentials-up 103 percent.

"We're seeing a rise in people searching for sustainable and eco-friendly ideas across areas like travel, food, parenting and style," says Swasti Sarna from the Pinterest Insights team. "Given the state of the world environmentally and politically, Pinners, especially Millennials and Gen Zers, want to feel like they are making an impact and driving change. Even if these are small everyday changes, it's inspiring to see people work together to make a difference."


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