by Humankind is committed to helping us take better care of our bodies and the planet.

By Alexandra Lim-Chua Wee
February 07, 2019
Courtesy of by Humankind

When it comes to sifting out the best products in everything from home décor to body care, Martha knows best. Her latest pick? A new line of eco-friendly care products from by Humankind, a company on a mission to help you take better care of your body and the planet. Martha recently gave the brand her stamp of approval on her @MarthaStewart48 Instagram.

Their three debut products-an all-natural deodorant, mouthwash tablets, and shampoo bars-are not only made with clean, ethically-sourced ingredients (see complete lists here), but they're also packaged in refillable containers, sans any single-use plastic. Customizable subscription options are also available to help you stay conveniently stocked while avoiding the purchasing of new packaging. And when it's time for a refill, say your deodorant, you can expect new deodorant pods (deemed "Kindfills") to arrive in paper, designed to cut single-use plastic by at least 90 percent. All other shipping supplies are completely compostable.

New to shampoo bars? They're easy to use: Simply lather in your hair and use the same way you would soap bars. As for the mouthwash tablets, you can drop one single-portion tablet into a little bit of water and watch it quickly dissolve, ready for you to use in seconds. The best part: A portion of every by Humankind purchase goes towards ocean conservation efforts. Currently, nearly eight million tons of plastic pollution end up in the ocean every year. Not only has this harmed approximately 800 species of marine wildlife, according to the United Nations, but the effects of the microplastic problem have even started showing up in everything we consume, from our drinking water to our food.

"During a trip to Thailand, I was shocked by how much plastic waste I saw floating in the water, in places I imagined would be untouched. Then when I looked again at the products on my bathroom counter and realized my everyday habits were contributing to this growing global crisis, I decided it's time for us to do better," says Brian Bushell, CEO and co-founder in a press release. "by Humankind is our way of making it easy for anyone to make a difference without sacrificing the convenience we've come to expect in our daily lives. When enough of us join in, together we'll take a giant step forward for our planet."

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