Christmas just came (really) early!

Credit: Ian.CuiYi / Getty

Fans of the Hallmark Channel rejoice! Your television destination for all things heartwarming recently announced that it will be airing your favorite flicks from its extensive lineup of Christmas movies all year long. That's right: Christmas just came early.

The good news was revealed via Facebook last week, and as far as we can tell, "Countdown to Christmas" devotees are already clearing their schedules.

"To celebrate the 10th anniversary of Countdown to Christmas, we've got holiday movies on Hallmark Channel every Friday night all year long!" the channel announced.

"Omg. I'm now busy every Friday and Saturday the entire year on permanent dates with Hallmark," commented one excited Facebook fan. And of course true fans know, Saturday night is when new movies premiere.

"Great news!" another wrote. "This world can use a little touch of the joy and beauty of the Christmas season all year long."

If you're thinking to yourself, "only Hallmark could pull off something like this," you're right.

As Michelle Vicary, the network's executive VP of programming and publicity, explained to Glamour last year, the secret to Hallmark's runaway success is, in many ways, the result of the 24/7 news cycle.

"I think people can only take so much," she said. "We purposely look to be an escape. We try not to be issues-oriented in terms of creating polarizing conversations, because there are places to get that. We are a place that is a haven from that. We're just a different conversation."

You can say that again. Catch y'all on the couch this Friday!


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