Whether you run hot or cold, this unique cardigan will help you stay comfortable.

By Real Simple
January 30, 2019
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Credit: Courtesy of Betabrand

The greatest trick that winter ever pulled was making you bundle up so much you feel hotter than you do in summer. Between the cranked up central heating in shops, restaurants, and even at the office-plus all of the layers you pile on to survive the walk from door to door-more time is spent overheating than actually feeling cold.

Fashion innovation company, Betabrand, is tackling the problem head-on with its aptly named Unicorn Wrap. This cotton-silk knit cardigan is infused with recycled jade, which has thermoregulating properties. For those who run hot, this hooded sweater is the mythical creature your wardrobe has been waiting for.

Jade, which you know as the green gemstone in your jewelry box, is sometimes used in gym gear to regulate heat during a workout, but this is the first we've seen it used in everyday clothing. Jade required a high amount of energy to change temperature, which means it'll stay cool even as your body warms up. Paired with cotton and silk-as in the Unicorn Wrap-it'll also keep you warm, even in cold environments.

Available in a light, heathered gray, this wrap features a side toggle clasp to keep shut, side pockets, and thumb holes for lounge-worthy comfort.

The Unicorn Sweater, as with all of Betabrand's other releases, was introduced as a concept that fans could crowdfund and co-design through suggestions in the product's comments section. This particular innovation has seen support way above average, surpassing its funding goal by 1,162 percent, and rising.

The wrap retails at $148 but, as the funding window is still open for 10 more days, shoppers have the opportunity to get in on this release at a discounted investor rate of $126.


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