A heavenly décor idea is brought down to earth with a few natural—albeit, ethereal—elements: baby's breath, skeleton leaves, and ornamental pampas grass.
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Pampas grass makes a beautiful statement in arrangements by adding texture, height, and a certain bohemian quality with its large feathery plumes. For our romantic Valentine's Day party inspired by the love story of Romeo and Juliet, we crafted a larger-than-life pair of angel wings by grouping pampas grass with other natural elements in a neutral hue: baby's breath, skeleton leaves, Italian ruscus, and ferns. These varieties were preserved and bleached, and sourced from around the world—Holland, Japan—but you may craft something of your own vision with greenery from your own backyard.


What you need


How to do it

Part 1

Step 1

Using wire cutters, cut chicken wire into long strips.

Step 2

Roll strips into tubes and secure a seam on each with floral wire.

Step 3

Outline the shape of your wings on a cleared workspace. Reinforce the wingspan by attaching a wooden dowel along the length of each wing, from the top of the shoulder to the tip. Cut chicken wire to fill in the shape of each wing, securing again with floral wire.

Step 4

Add bunches of preserved greenery to the outline, weaving stems through the chicken wire to secure it. (Note: This also makes for a much faster application.) Use long stems of pampas as your angel wing "feathers," secure skeleton leaves to wooden skewers as branches, and cluster greenery in lighter colors at the edges of where the wings meet, gradually spreading out this lighter color into an ombre effect and giving a sense of depth to the overall composition.

Step 5

Mount angel wings to a wall or ceiling using command hooks.


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