Put your sewing skills to good use.

By Alexandra Lim-Chua Wee
January 22, 2019
Credit: linaga / Getty Images

Sometimes, feeling at home can be as simple as having your favorite pillow with you. For the team at Ryan's Case for Smiles, bringing this small comfort to children in hospital care can mean the world. That's why the Pennsylvania-based non-profit is on a mission to gift children in need handmade pillowcases-featuring everything from cartoon characters and candies, to pink and purple puppies and color-popping patterns-in hopes of brightening their days.

The organization, which was founded in 2007 was inspired by Ryan Kerr, who began battling cancer at the age of 12. "Ryan's sickness never slowed him down from living the active and adventurous life he loved," the site reads. "Ryan saw beauty in everyone and everything…he lived his life with such joy and courage that he inspired thousands of people in our community and around the country." Wanting to bring that same joy to other children battling illnesses, Ryan's mom, Cindy, created Ryan's Case for Smiles.

To date, the organization has delivered over 1,700,000 pillowcase to nearly 362 hospitals worldwide thanks to the hard work of thousands of volunteers-and you could help! The team at Ryan's Case for Smiles is always looking for more donations.


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