Here are a few of our favorites.
Credit: Katerina Bogatireva

New year, new ways to save the planet. At least that's what the latest eco-lifestyle trend, zero waste stores, has us feeling.

From France to Florida and Canada to Connecticut, more and more retailers are on a mission, not just to reduce the amount of food and product packaging in stores, but to eliminate disposable packaging completely.

By offering people the option to buy bulk items in their own containers, or purchase refillable ones, these new package-free stores could change the way we shop. Food and product packaging, like plastic bags, bottles, and boxes, make up nearly a quarter of the trash in U.S. landfills. According to the EPA, this waste is also a majority of the litter that ends up infiltrating waterways and washing onto beaches.

Is there a zero waste store near you? Read on for our roundup and let us know if we missed your favorite. Then, use our tips to shop greener.

Determined to help people shop with less packaging, Katerina Bogatireva opened a zero waste grocery store in Brooklyn earlier this month. (Also new in Brooklyn is The Wally Shop, a new package-free grocery delivery service that's currently in beta.) Similar to the handful of other package-free stores popping up worldwide, Precycle prioritizes selling locally sourced produce (sans plastic bags) and bulk pantry staples like grains, flours, beans, oils, baking ingredients, spices, and more.

Credit: Katerina Bogatireva

After filling up their own containers or bags, shoppers can then get bulk items weighed (minus the tare) and pay only for the food they need. A new way to shop that's plastic-free, helps reduce food waste, and saves you money? What's not to love!

This sustainable shop in Newtown, Connecticut features over 270 bulk items from vinegars, oils, and honey on tap to bins of grains, spices, teas, and snack items. You can even refill your jar of coconut oil or buy package-free beauty products, like bath bombs.


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