Dressed up or down, this creamy, bacon-studded dip is a guaranteed crowd-pleaser.
game day appetizer loaded potato dip with chips
Credit: Kana Okada

Seeking a versatile appetizer that fulfills all your entertaining needs this winter? Look no further than this fully loaded baked-potato dip. It's got everything you love about the classic steakhouse side dish but in fabulous finger-food form. Plus, it couldn't be easier to put together.

Dressed Down

Start with a base of tangy sour cream, then stir in the traditional baked-potato add-ins: crumbled bacon, shredded cheddar, and chopped scallions. Finish with a touch of milk to give it that dippable consistency, then serve with sturdy kettle chips. Trust us, you'll score major party points with your Super Bowl guests.

loaded potato bites outtakes
Credit: Kana Okada

Dressed Up

And if you want to elevate the dip for a cocktail party, or say, Oscars night, simply switch up the potato component. Instead of picking up chips at the store, look for the petite taters that are aptly named peewee potatoes. Choose yellow-skinned ones, or feel free to go multicolored. Then make ahead as much as you can: whip up the dip (omit the milk for a more spreadable texture) and prep the potatoes (boil, then crush with your hand or a spatula). Pop the smashed taters in the oven when your guests arrive. Then grab a drink and mingle for half an hour while they roast. Serve the crispy, golden potatoes hot, with dollops of the cheesy, bacon-y dip and a smattering of scallions for an addictive pinkies-up hors d'oeuvre. How can a baked potato compete with that?


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