Behr Just Made Choosing the Perfect Neutral Paint So Much Easier

Because there are endless shades of white out there.

behr paint neutral flannel gray in living room
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Are you ready to give your home a fresh coat of paint, but wondering where to start? We know picking the perfect paint colors can be an overwhelming task. And sure, while interjecting bold color in your home-like a sexy midnight blue in the kitchen or springy coral in the foyer-is fun, sometimes you just want the comfort of a soothing palette. Neutrals get a bad rap as boring or safe, but there are so many benefits to having bright white, sophisticated gray, or calming beige walls. For one, they make a versatile canvas that allows all your colorful decor to pop.

behr most popular neutrals paint white gray beige brown tan
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To help you pick the right neutral-yes, there are as many (extremely similar!) shades of white, beige, gray, and taupe as your favorite brights-Behr put together a handy guide of its most popular shades across the country. Here are their top picks.

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If you like to keep it simple with crisp white walls, Polar Bear is the brand's most popular classic white. While bright whites are dominating your Instagram feed and this isn't going to change, Behr color expert Erika Woelfel noticed that for 2019, whites with warmer tones are gaining popularity.

"Tried-and-true hues like Swiss Coffee and Antique White feel fresh, light, and cozy all at the same time," she says.

behr paint neutral navajo white kitchen
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Beige and Cream

This isn't your doctor's office sad beige. In fact, Burnished Clay, a "greige," the perfect blend of gray with beige, has been a rising star in paint over the years. And if you're more into creams, Linen White and Navajo White, with their warming yellow undertones, create a cozy feel in your home, says Woelfel.


Credit it to today's desire to be closer to nature, but browns continue to rage. Muted shades like Mushroom Bisque and Almond Latte add comfort and style to a room, while a deeper shade like Havana Coffee, seen in this living room makeover, adds major drama to a space. "In 2019, expect to see red undertones peeking through, thanks to today's terra cotta craze," adds Woelfel.


Face it, we can't shake grays. The color, one of Martha's favorites, has been reigning supreme for years and is an easy way to add elegance to a room. At Behr, popular shades range from the light White Metal to the warm Flannel Gray.

Excited to give your place a fresh coat? Follow these steps to paint your walls like a pro.

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