It marks tribute to one special person in her life.

By Southern Living
January 11, 2019

Most households bid farewell to their Christmas decorations around New Year's Day. By that point the garland, bows, lights, and various trinkets have completed their annual tour of duty. Into boxes the baubles are placed, and onto curbs the now-decaying trees land.

But that's not the case for Queen Elizabeth. At Sandringham House, the country estate where the monarch and her family spend the holidays, the Christmas decorations reportedly remain in place through the first week of February. Until February 6, to be exact.

SEE: Queen Elizabeth's Christmas Decorations at Buckingham Palace
Credit: Lisa Sheridan/Getty

According to Hello!, the weekly UK magazine that published the revelation, the reason for the lag in cleanup time has nothing to do with laziness or procrastination. In fact, it's actually very sweet.

Hello! reports that the decorations stay up until February 6 because it marks the anniversary of her father's death. King George VI passed away at Sandringham House on that date in 1952, and the Queen stays there each year to mark the solemn occasion before returning to Buckingham Palace.

How sweet is that?


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