What's All the Fuss About Martha's Scrambled Eggs?

Why not make them using your espresso machine?!

Martha and a basket of eggs
Photo: John Dolan

The Internet is all abuzz about Martha's scrambled egg hack. Some Facebook commenters call it a trick, but scrambling eggs using an espresso machine is nothing new and certainly no fad. Martha has been doing it for years!

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Achieving perfect scrambled eggs with large, soft curds time after time is not so simple, though. While every cook should master this skill, sometimes, even when you've scrambled eggs dozens of times, you end up with rubbery, dry eggs.

As Martha explains, using an espresso machine foamer "steams the eggs into the softest, fluffiest scrambled eggs...and in just a matter of seconds, your eggs are finished." She learned the technique from Jody Williams, the chef behind New York's beloved Buvette, Via Carota, and I Sodi restaurants.

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The process is simple: Crack the desired number of eggs into a heatproof jug or mug, season with salt and pepper, and add butter. Mix the eggs with a fork. Insert the foamer wand from the espresso machine into the heatproof jug and let the steam "froth" (aka cook) the eggs until they are light and fluffy. The whole process takes mere minutes, there's no pan to clean, and you have a quick breakfast to eat as is, or with sausage, smoked salmon (Martha's favorite), or toast. Plus, as Martha says (and the Internet proves), you have a "conversation piece in your kitchen."

Watch Martha and Jody Williams make scrambled eggs this way in our throwback video:

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