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From Christmas Eve to Almost the New Year, Here’s Dinner

We're pulling out all the stops!

Senior Digital Food Editor

It's a hectic time of year, but you still need to eat and to eat well. These easy dinner recipes are just what you need to keep you and your family well fed. Our weeknight meals take less than an hour of mostly hands-off time, many cook much quicker than that but may require constant stirring. On the weekends we like to try something different; recipes that cook long and slow, projects that get us using new ingredients and techniques, and menus to make entertaining a cinch. So join us every week for dinnertime inspiration.


Monday: One-Pot Seafood Orzo Risotto

Photography by: Marcus Nilsson

For your Christmas Eve feast, how about this easy take on the feast of seven fishes that comes together in less than an hour? It’s really delicious, feels luxurious, and is easy to put together, as well as to clean up after. Though hopefully you have some elves to help with that.


Get the One-Pot Seafood Orzo Risotto

TUESDAY: Make-Ahead Pork Wellington Menu

pork wellington with prosciutto and spinach mushroom stuffing
Photography by: Lennart Weibull

This marvelous make-ahead menu leaves you plenty of time for a leisurely breakfast and opening gifts. If your crowd is like mine, you’ll want to offer more than one dessert. Try one of these spectacular recipes?


Get the Make-Ahead Holiday Menu


Get the Pork Wellington with Prosciutto and Spinach-Mushroom Stuffing Recipe

WEDNESDAY: Butternut Squash Soup with Coconut Milk and Ginger

vegan butternut squash soup topped with seeds
Photography by: Bryan Gardner

If you aren't feasting on leftovers tonight or if you want to supplement the leftovers, make this rich, smooth squash soup. Bonus: It's vegan and it's one of our most popular recipes of 2018.


Get the Butternut Squash Soup with Coconut Milk and Ginger Recipe

THURSDAY: Turkey-Pastrami Croque-Madame Casserole

turkey-pastrami croque-madame casserole served in white dish
Photography by: Lennart Weibull

Bet you never made this before (it's one of our latest recipes!): A cheesy casserole with turkey pastrami (or ham if you prefer) that's topped with eggs, we consider it our latest riff on the Croque Monsieur. You'll consider it irresistible.


Get the Turkey-Pastrami Croque-Madame Casserole Recipe

FRIDAY: Creamy Lemon Pasta with Pistachios

Tonight just might be the night for a fast pasta. This 25-minute dish is a vegetarian take on carbonara. Pistachios and heavy cream stand in for the usual porky meat. It's an indulgent and comforting dinner.


Get the Creamy Lemon Pasta with Pistachios Recipe

SATURDAY: Vegetable Lovers' Deep-Dish Pizza

vegetable lovers' deep-dish pizza
Photography by: Paola + Murray

The dinner project today is pizza and not just any pizza but our colorful twist on Chicago deep-dish. The buttery crust holds broccolini, peppers, onions, and artichoke hearts and there's mozzarella and Parmesan too. Oh, and the sauce is on top because that's how they do it in Chicago, and we find that having a layer of cheese on the bottom prevents a soggy crust.


Get the Vegetable Lovers' Deep-Dish Pizza Recipe

SUNDAY: Butter Chicken

indian butter chicken
Photography by: Bryan Gardner

Popular all over the globe, this glorious dish is a cousin to chicken tikka masala. Allow time for the chunks of chicken to marinate in yogurt, garlic, and ginger. Then they cook quickly in a lightly spiced tomato-cream sauce. 


Get the Butter Chicken Recipe