This bookmark is made with sashiko, a Japanese embroidery technique that uses the running stitch to create geometric patterns

Updated December 28, 2018
blue fabric bookmark with ribbon

Once used for repairs and reinforcements, sashiko originated as a practical method for mending clothes. Today, it's also used to stitch striking designs—often as white thread on dark indigo cloth.

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What you need


How to do it

Part 1

Step 1

Download and print the bookmark template. Using a washable embroidery marker, ruler, and your eye, transfer stitching design onto main sewing fabric, as shown in diagram.

Step 2

Using sashiko thread and needle, follow pattern to stitch design.

Step 3

Fold fabric in half (as shown in diagram) to hide backside of stitching.

Step 4

To edge entire bookmark, sew bias tape around every edge of solid fabric, remembering to stitch down optional ribbon.

Step 5

Optional: To further personalize bookmark, stitch on small patches of meaningful fabric, as desired.


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