It's decorated with tiny replicas of the Imperial State Crown.

By Alexandra Lim-Chua Wee
December 19, 2018
Credit: Jack Taylor / Stringer

When we're not dreaming of dancing sugarplums this holiday, you can bet we'll be dreaming of the Queen's majestic Christmas décor. First, she debuted her trio of twinkling trees at Buckingham Palace. But with the evergreen at her Majesty's Berkshire residence-a 20-foot Norman Fir adorned in gold-we're in awe all over again.

Covered in sparkling gold tinsel, strings of lights, and ornaments in all kinds of golden hues, the Christmas tree at Windsor Castle took hours to completely decorate (last year's tree took 13!) utilizing very sturdy ladders. Look closer, and you can spot miniature crowns-replicas of the one Queen Elizabeth donned during her 1953 coronation-similar to those hanging on the Buckingham Palace trees. In following with tradition, this tree hails from Windsor Great Park and will live in the grand St. George's Hall at Windsor Castle for the holiday season.

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Credit: Jack Taylor / Stringer

Visitors to the castle can experience the splendor of another tree-smaller yet equally exquisite!-sitting in the Crimson Drawing Room. This evergreen is decked out in none other than a gorgeous assortment of rich, red baubles, trimmings, and an angel on top. Together with the decorations in the castle's Lantern Lobby, State Dining Room, and Grand Reception as well as the lush wreaths hanging around the castle's precinct, the entire holiday look took nearly a year to plan.

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Credit: Jack Taylor / Stringer

The Queen not only makes sure her decorations are in tip-top shape-they're eco-friendly too. "Each year the Christmas trees are recycled and used for mulch," says Theresa-Mary Morton, Head of Exhibitions at the Royal Collection Trust. "All of the Christmas decorations are kept and re-used, and low energy LED lights are used throughout the Christmas display." Talk about going green with your evergreens.

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