This charming yarn craft is made using the single crochet stitch, and can be used any number of ways during the holidays—as a napkin ring, a gift topper, or an ornament for your tree.
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miniature crochet wreaths red green white

These wreaths, designed by Teresa Carter of DeBrosse, are crocheted using a unique bulky weight yarn. Its tubular, T-shirt feel makes this material easy to work with in your hands and won't fray or split with the pulling of stitches—making it a good first crochet project. If you're a beginner, use our basic crochet how-to as a guide.


Sc = single crochet


What you need


How to do it

Part 1

tie slipknot for crochet wreath
Step 1

Tie a slip knot by placing the tail end over the working yarn, then reaching through to grab the working yarn and pulling it up through the loop; leave a 5-inch tail. (Note: Working yarn is the yarn connected to the source.)

insert crochet hook into slipknot wreath
Step 2

Tighten slip knot and place securely onto crochet hook.

working yard around wooden wring crochet wreath
Step 3

Work Scs around the wooden ring: Insert your hook through the ring and place the yarn over the hook, then push the hook over the ring, yarn over again, and draw through the loop on your hook. Shimmy stitches close together to cover the ring entirely.

working yarn as a 5-inch tail and pull through the loop crochet wreath
Step 4

Cut a 5-inch tail from working yarn and pull through the final loop.

tying loose ends together in a bow of wreath bowtie
Step 5

Tie loose ends together in a bow and trim excess yarn.


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