The site revealed its top home trends for 2019.

By Kate Winick
December 13, 2018
living room sofa color yellow celadon decor blue green
Credit: Ngoc Minh Ngo

It doesn't take long before colors, themes, and accents feel like they're everywhere in the age of social media-and that's why we look to our favorite platforms to help us find ideas for our next home project. But how do you know what style has lasting power? In the new Pinterest 100 trend report, the site tracked the top home decor projects users have been searching for in recent months, and found some new trends that are on the rise. Before you update your place, read ahead for the Pins making a splash.

dining room table chair with green birds wallpaper
Credit: Lennart Weibull

Bold Wallpaper

Take a break from the minimal rooms that have been trending over the past few years and add some bold prints and patterns to your space. There's been a huge surge of interest on Pinterest-a 401 percent increase in search traffic-for big, dramatic wallpaper patterns like tropical leaves that bring a room to life. Not ready for a big commitment? Removable wallpaper is the perfect way to dip your toe into this trend.

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oversized quilt framed on wall
Credit: Sidney Bensimon

Cozy, Textured Walls

Take your macrame wall hangings one step further and and literally hang blankets, rugs and, large scale textiles on your walls. Searches for "textile art"-a boho, artsy aesthetic-saw an 1718 percent increase in search traffic over the last six months.

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Credit: Bryan Gardner

Geometric Paint

Sure, paint is the fastest way to update your home's aesthetic, but skip solid colors and go for a graphic wall treatment like geometric shapes, which is up over 200 percent in search traffic on Pinterest. If you're not ready for a full room, try the look on a smaller area, like painting hexagons and triangle patterns on a breakfast nook or on a door.

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living room sofa color yellow celadon decor blue green
Credit: Ngoc Minh Ngo

Yellow Accents

Adding pops of yellow in your home-whether with paint, throw pillows or ceramics- instantly brighten up the space. Searches for mustard yellow, specifically, were up by 45 percent. The shade adds an earthy, calming feel to a home.

If you're thinking wall color: "A little yellow paint goes a long way," says home editor Lorna Aragon, who suggests using a high-gloss finish on trim, doors, or furniture.

Two yellows we love: Behr, in English Daisy, (; and Farrow & Ball, in Babouche (

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garden wall module
Credit: Bruna Hosti

Vertical Gardens

Short on space, but still dreaming of lush greenery or fresh herbs and veggies? Try a vertical garden. Planting greenery on a trellis, net, or even planters utilizing vertical space allows you to benefit from the power of plants while taking up minimal square footage.

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pumpkin succulents
Credit: Janelle Jones

Cacti and Succulents

Searches for cactus arrangements like our adorable succulent pumpkin planters were up by 235 percent. The sweet plants, along with cactus, are an easy way to add some living energy to your space. Bonus: succulents are surprisingly simple to propagate and yield you many little plant babies.

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fireplace mirror

Modern Fireplace

Time to get cozy. Indoor and outdoor fireplaces are a highly desirable home accent, especially in a sleek, modern style. Searches for contemporary fireplace are up 763 percent, so if you find yourself wishing for a nicer spot to gather by the fire this winter (or dreaming of summer cookouts and s'mores) take a look through some chic options.

family next to swimming pool
Credit: Westend61/Getty

Natural Pools

Winter is the perfect time to make your plans for warmer weather, and natural swimming pools are trending way upward (an increase of 262 percent) both for their modern look, and their eco-friendly construction that lets you enjoy a dip without submerging yourself in chemicals and chlorine. It's the perfect fantasy for snowbound days.


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