Turn your handwriting into a treasured heirloom. One can be made for every member of the family, and displayed on the mantel for holiday seasons to come.
mantle blue wall stocking

Before you begin, learn how to embroider using a needle and thread. No matter how complicated looking the result of your penmanship, this needlework technique is remarkably easy. Once you've mastered the stem stitch (one of the easiest stitches), you can follow the connected string of cursive letters with a single thread.

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What you need


How to do it

Part 1

Step 1

Write the recipient's name on a small piece of paper. Place transfer paper onto the stocking and layer paper with a handwritten name on top; trace over the name with a ballpoint pen. (Note: This will transfer your handwriting to the stocking and the residue can be wiped clean if an error is made.)

Step 2

Secure the stocking cuff in an embroidery hoop and be sure the fabric is pulled taut. (Note: This will help keep the tension even for stitching.)

Step 3

Embroider the name using a stem stitch: Bring the needle through to the right side of the stocking's cuff, then insert back through at a slight diagonal, about 1/4 inch to right. Bring needle back up 1/8 inch to left, just above halfway point of first stitch. Continue stitching at slight diagonal, making all visible stitches the same length. At the last stitch, knot and trim excess floss.


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