Martha Stewart Cricut® Woodland Bird Lanterns

Set your home aflutter with these decorative paper lanterns inspired by nature.

bird paper cut-out luminarias


  1. Follow the project link to Design Space®. If you want to alter the project, click "Customize," then use the tools in the Edit panel to make changes. Click "Continue" or "Make It" from the project window.

  2. Place the first piece of cardstock onto the StandardGrip mat. Follow the prompts to load the machine: Set SmartSet Dial to "Cardstock." Load Fine-Point Blade in Clamp B. Load the Scoring Wheel in Clamp A as prompted. Load Mat and press the Load/Unload button.

  3. Press the flashing "Go" button, and cut. Unload the mat. Peel away the negative material then, if needed, use the spatula from the Basic Tool Set to lift the individual pieces.

  4. Repeat Step 3 by loading the cutting mat with each new sheet of cardstock or vellum, then into the machine as prompted.

  5. Assembly: Fold along the scored lines of the lantern panels. Familiarize yourself with how the pieces fit together.

  6. Glue the vellum onto the inside of each side panel.

  7. Apply glue at the tabs of the side panels and adhere the two pieces together.

  8. Apply glue to the tabs of the bottom flap, and adhere to the inside of the side panels. Place a flameless tea light candle inside.

  9. To close the lantern, fold down the top panels with handles sticking up, then fold over adjacent panel, with slot fitting over the handles. Insert tab to secure lid closed. (Note: For more information on using the Cricut® Explore Air™ 2, visit

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