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This is How You Create a Cozy Space for Holiday Guests

Bring on the layered bedding and plush towels!

red plaid bedding with decorative holiday throw pillows
Photography by: Courtesy Macy's

The holiday season is here and you’re going to have a house full of guests very soon. Make sure the guest bathroom and bedroom are stocked with the essentials they’ll be leaving at home. Sprucing up the gathering areas, like your living room, is also key to a worry-free stay.


Martha Stewart Collection Bedding

This festive red plaid pattern can easily transition from the holiday season to the chilly nights of February.



guest room bedding
Photography by: Macy's

Martha Stewart Collection Throws

Complete the guest bedroom preparations with a throw arranged at the end of the bed. Guests can use this while sleeping and bring it into the living room during the holiday movie marathon. 


SHOP NOW: $120,

blue and white bath towels
Photography by: Macy's

Martha Stewart Collection Spa Bath Towels

Guest prep tip: If you’re expecting a group of visitors, lay out a variety of colors so they don’t get their towels mixed up.


SHOP NOW: Starting at $12,

four hanging plush robes
Photography by: Macy's

Martha Stewart Collection Plush Robes

Thoughtful touches like a plush robe hung in the bathroom will make your guests’ stay that much more special.


SHOP NOW: $60,

Macy's figural serving platters on coffee table
Photography by: Courtesy of Macy's

Martha Stewart Collection Holiday Serveware

Don’t run into the common holiday dinner pitfall of not having enough serving platters. This figural serveware can also be used for Christmas dinner.



multiple vases of assorted roses
Photography by: Andrew Ingalls

Martha Stewart Flowers Rose Subscription

Welcome guests into their room by arranging a vase of seasonal flowers on the bedside table. Martha’s new rose subscription program with BloomsyBox brings fresh rose bouquets directly to your door step.


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Feeling inspired? Gather your friends and family for an extra-cozy holiday gathering! Watch how here: