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Emily Thompson's Fairylike Christmas Tree is Inspired by an Enchanted Forest

The pièce de résistance is a bunny poised to join the winter-solstice party.

large christmas tree adorned with pine cones and moss
Photography by: Roland Bello

You don't have to believe in fairies to flutter over Emily Thompson's tree, which conjures a forest populated by elfin creatures. "It's a version of one my mother used to decorate for us," she says.

Instead of a tree skirt, the Douglas fir sits on a mossy bed. To create it, Thompson protected the floor with plastic sheeting, then put clump moss around the base and tucked rocks, tree stumps, and potted plants around it for a fantastical look.

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portrait of emily thompson posing next to chair
Photography by: Roland Bello

"Where I grew up, in northern Vermont, everything was covered in six feet of snow by Christmas. It was amazing for us to see a lush, green wonderland right in our living room."

moss and twigs materials for fairy landscape
Photography by: Roland Bello

Pictured: Farrow & Ball paint, in Hague Blue, Vintage iron chair, Moss,

The tree itself is draped with velvet ribbon and wild smilax vines wired with real and faux leaves, spiky chestnuts, and pinecones, along with magnolia, spiny datura, and okra pods, some gilded in gold or silver paint. The pièce de résistance is a teensy ladder fashioned out of birch and twine, and a bunny poised to join a winter-solstice party within the branches.


For an easy but similar effect at home, simply clump moss around the base of your tree, and mist it with water every few days so it stays vivid through the holidays.


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