His inspiration? Let's simply say it's Martha-approved.
white Christmas tree of pink and orange ornaments
Credit: Roland Bello

"I call it Dunkin' Donuts meets Hermès!" says Sharkey of his exuberant faux tree bedecked in fuchsia, orange, and coral handblown glass balls.

While it has a retro vibe (white flocked trees were all the rage in the '50s and '60s), Sharkey's inspiration came from a distinctly contemporary point of view: that of Martha's 6-year-old grandson. "We let Truman pick the palette-his favorite colors are pink and orange," Sharkey says. For extra shimmer, he added elongated silver drops and clear glass orbs. It's far from traditional, which is exactly the point. "Use whatever colors give you joy," he says.

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portrait of kevin sharkey leaning on ladder
Credit: Roland Bello

"I approach decorating trees the same way I do flower arrangements. I like to use color to create focal points."

handblown glass orange and pink ornaments in box with faux snow
Pictured: White Iced fir tree, 7 1/2', $429, grandinroad.com. Handblown glass ornaments, from $30 for a set of 3, winwardsilks.com.
| Credit: Roland Bello

Three different sizes of glass globes were clustered and hung in irregular groups to keep Sharkey's creation from looking too uniform or polka-dotted. Then he doubled down on the palette, wrapping presents in coordinating hues.

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