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Meyer-Lemon Shortbread Wreath Cookies

Recipe photo courtesy of Mikkel Vang

Almost too pretty to eat, these festive wreath-shaped shortbread cookies are infused with Meyer lemon and adorned with sugared rosemary and thyme.

Source: Martha Stewart Living, December 2018
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Glaze and Decorations


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  • CaliforniaCheri56
    23 DEC, 2018
    I should have listened to my gut - 20-25 minutes is way too long to bake these tender cookies. I turned them around at 9 minutes. and put the timer on for another 9 minutes - thinking it would be more accurate. Should have only cooked them like 5-6 minutes then turning the sheet around for another 5-6 minutes.
    • pastparticiple2
      1 JAN, 2019
      it depends on whether the dough is solidly cold throughout from the stamped wreaths. I did all of mine and placed the entirety of the stamped out wreaths in the fridge overnight. the recipe recommends 30 minutes. But I was splitting the tasks. THat combined with the low oven 325 and I was closer to the recipe time standards (I ended up doing 9 and 9) If you skip this the dough is warm already from being worked.
  • ACX68523520
    19 DEC, 2018
    The cookies were great -- I hate rolling cookies so I used a wreath plate in my cookie press and the dough worked well. The glaze however was extremely thin (I was worried about making the baked cookies soggy). I needed to add about 30% more powdered sugar to make it usable. I also forwent the Rosemary decorations and went much simpler. Turned out well and got a lot of rave views on the flavor of the cookie and the presentation.
  • girloftars
    18 DEC, 2018
    LOVE LOVE LOVE this recipe - the sugared herbs look so gorgeous, the Meyer lemon is delicious, the texture is perfect. These were so tasty it was hard making them last until the next day when I planned to bring them to work. This is probably obvious to people who are pro cookie decorators, but some of mine ended up without candy decorations because I dipped too many at some time before attempting to put the little balls on. Dip one or two at most so the glaze is still totally wet and then you can drop the candies on easily without messing up the finish like I did trying to press them in.
  • mrfancypantz
    12 DEC, 2018
    The dough was super sticky, I had to keep it almost frozen. When they baked, they lost all shape and came out really flaky, almost like a biscuit. I followed the instructions perfectly I'm not sure what was wrong.
    • marianaum5476742
      18 DEC, 2018
      Why the picture does not print with the recipe, the way it used to?
    • williams_irena
      13 DEC, 2018
      I'd try again. It could be you didn't have sufficient flour, espec if the flour was freshly sifted and possibly had a lot of air. Another thing about flour is that it contains various amounts of moisture. In baking, sometimes one needs slightly less flour and other times slightly more - all depends on how dry the flour is. I personally won't be baking these, pretty as they are, as I prefer biscuits that keep for a long time, such as Italian almond biscuits, as there's only me to eat them nowadays. But if I were catering for a family or entertaining, I'd definitely make them as they look wonderfully festive!
    • MS11138533
      13 DEC, 2018
      So disappointing when a recipe doesn’t turn out. If I were you,I would have added additional flour, until the dough was not sticky.The recipe calls for 2 cups of flour, but that’s vague. I always weigh my flour. 1 cup of all purpose flour weighs 4.5 oz. Different types of flour weigh differently.I always roll my dough out between sheets of parchment paper.Maybe you had a light weight of flour causing the problem.Good luck next batch.
  • regenia_grubbs
    13 DEC, 2018
    I refrigerated the dough overnight and the cookies turned out perfectly wreath shaped and they taste amazing!

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