You've never seen Thanksgiving dinner like this.

November 20, 2018
Martha and "Chopped" judges
Credit: Courtesy of Food Network

Preparing Thanksgiving dinner can be high-stress for even the most seasoned cook. So imagine doing it on television…in front of a panel of judges…that includes consummate hostess and all-around domestic goddess Martha Stewart. We're breaking into a cold sweat just thinking about it!

But that doesn't mean we won't enjoy watching someone else take on the challenge. We'll get the opportunity to do just that on this week's Thanksgiving-themed episode of "Chopped," that premieres tonight, Tuesday, November 20 at 9pm on Food Network.

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There'll be no falling back on the familiar favorites at this high-stakes feast. In round one, the competitors must pull together drool-worthy sides using a curious ingredient: a strange ice cream and soup made from one of Martha's recipes. After that, it's turkey time, but the Chopped crew will have to do more than set the oven to 350°F to stand out with this panel of judges. Will they roast, grill or deep fry? Cook the turkey upside down or spatchcock? They have to impress not just Martha but also regular judges Marc Murphy and Amanda Freitag.

And it wouldn't be Thanksgiving without pie, which-in addition to the usual sugar, butter, and TLC-must include a tawny port wine. Now that's what we call getting into the Thanksgiving spirit!

Tune in to get some inspiration for your own Thanksgiving spread…or just to make your efforts look easy by comparison. Visit Food Network's website to get to know the competitors, browse photos of the action, and watch video highlights, and be sure to share your reactions using the hashtag #Chopped.


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