And this ooey-gooey gift is here just in time for Christmas.

By Better Homes & Gardens
November 16, 2018
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Credit: Courtesy of the Kraft Heinz Company

Parents of slime-loving little ones, rejoice! JELL-O just created the first slime that you can eat while you're playing with it, so you no longer have to hover over your kids' slime projects to make sure they don't take a taste. It's just as gooey, sticky, and fun as any other slime out there, and will be available to order on Amazon just in time for this year's stocking stuffers.

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Credit: Courtesy of the Kraft Heinz Company

JELL-O's edible slime comes in two different varieties: Monster, which is an appropriately spooky lime green, and unicorn, which is bright pink and strawberry-flavored. Of course, half the fun of playing with slime is mixing it up, but like a batch of regular JELL-O, it's super simple to make.

All you have to do is add water to the pre-made mix and stir, and in no time, you'll have a bowl full of stretchy, slippery slime to play with. Each canister makes two batches (or "servings," if you want) of slime, so there's enough for parents to play with, too.

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Anyone that's had a batch of slime go wrong before (or end up on the walls or carpet) might be understandably concerned about the clean-up afterward, but JELL-O promises that their edible slime will easily wash away with just soap and warm water. Of course, if you eat your slime once you're finished playing with it, there's no clean-up at all!

Though there have been quite a few DIY edible slime recipes published in the past, JELL-O's version is the first you can buy at the store, so it'll require less effort and searching for ingredients than most homemade slime recipes. Since playing with slime is supposed to be a relaxing, soothing activity, we're all in favor of cutting down on the prep required to make it.

Both of JELL-O's edible slime flavors, lime and strawberry, are available for preorder now on Amazon. If you want to include a canister or two of edible slime under your Christmas tree this year, you're in luck-JELL-O is also planning to roll out the slime for sale at select retailers this December. Go ahead, let your inner child loose and let your love of ooey-gooey slime show!


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