At Martha's Christmas open house brunch, even the dogs join in on the merrymaking: They receive new beds in a festive shade of red, which matches the holly-leaf felt "ascots" around their necks. Get your pet into the holiday spirit with this decorative ascot.


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What you need


How to do it

Part 1

Step 1

Measure your dog's neck. (Note: To get the right fit for your dog, divide measurement from step 1 in half, and add the resulting measurement to the length of template, extending the straight end accordingly.)

Step 2

Download and print felt holly ascot template. Fold felt in half, and place template on top with the straight end of template near the fold. Cut around template without cutting through fold, creating a long, thin rectangle that's roughly twice as long as template. Repeat, cutting another rectangle of felt, and then one from fusible webbing.

Step 3

Lay a piece of felt over webbing, and iron to fuse them. Remove backing from webbing, and sandwich with a second piece of felt. Iron to fuse them.

Step 4

Fold fused fabric in half, and place template so the straight end is on the fold. Trace template onto felt with a disappearing-ink pen, cut out the shape, and unfold.

Step 5

Fold 1 holly leaf in half lengthwise, and press with steam to give leaf dimension. Repeat with remaining leaf. (Note: If desired, use fabric glue to attach decorative cord from leaf tip to leaf tip, along center of collar.)

Step 6

Stitch on Velcro dots where the leaves will cross each other when collar is worn. Sew on 3 bells.

Step 7

Once complete, place holly leaf ascots around dogs' necks by looping one end through the slit cut in the other end.


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