It’s being deemed the “Shazam for color.”

By Alexandra Lim-Chua Wee
November 11, 2018
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Credit: Courtesy of SGBMade

Obsessed with the soothing blue walls of your favorite bakery? Now, you can snag that same color to bring into your own kitchen.

Your wildest design dreams are about to come true thanks to a tiny new device. Meet the ColorReader: A handheld tool that can measure any colored surface or item and match you to the closest actual shade, across all major paint brands-in seconds. That's right! Find the perfect tint of teal to match your favorite area rug. Even the coral pink lipstick you're obsessed with could inspire the next look of your home office accent wall.

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Credit: Courtesy of SGBMade

The process is simple. Download the app, available on Google Play and iTunes, and sync it up to your ColorReader device (which is just slightly larger than a glue stick). Then, hold up the tool to the any colored surface or item to allow the reader to collect the desired color's data, if you will. This includes information like the Delta-E (dE) number, which measures the amount of color difference visible to the human eye, and the hex code, which describes the composition of a color. Post-detection, thanks to the device's newest additon, the app will pull up the three closest paint colors from brands including Benjamin Moore, Farrow and Ball, Sherwin Williams, and Behr and more. Basically, it's time to say farewell to sifting through piles of paint chips and fan decks of swatches!

Once you find the shade you love, the app will also suggest trending hues and complementing colors to help you pull together a winning palette (or organize the few you're torn between) for your next home DIY.Perfect for designers and color enthusiasts alike, theColorReader is available for $99 on Amazon. And with one-day shipping included, finding your colormatch made in heaven is just a click away.


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