Glittered Spun-Cotton Ice Cream Cone Ornament

Enjoy your favorite treat even in the chilly months with this sparkly handmade ornament! Double-scooped and topped with a cherry, it's a sweet addition to your Christmas tree and an even sweeter gift for a friend.

glitter spun cotton ice cream cone ornament

We've got just the thing for a starter tree: a box of handmade ornaments so delectable, they'll conjure visions of sugarplums. And because they're crafted from shatterproof spun cotton—coated in craft paint, then glitter—you can gift a full set knowing they'll stand the test of time (and pets, and toddlers).

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What You'll Need



  1. Press down on top of one 50-millimeter ball to make a flat indentation. Apply hot glue to indented area to attach second 50-millimeter ball; press to adhere, and hold to let it set. Paint top ball with palegreen craft paint; paint bottom ball with pink craft paint. Hot-glue bottom ball to cone; hold to let it set. Let paint dry.

  2. Apply craft glue to 50-millimeter balls with a paintbrush. Sprinkle each ball with a thick coat of matching glitter. To avoid mixing glitter colors, hold ornament over a receptacle, cone-end down, to sprinkle with glitter on bottom ball only; for top ball, sprinkle with glitter over receptacle cone-end up. Let dry.

  3. Paint 14-millimeter ball with red craft paint. Let dry, then apply craft glue with brush and sprinkle with red glitter. Hot-glue 14-millimeter ball to top of 50-millimeter ball; hold to let it set. Poke hole in 14-millimeter ball with hanging wire. Remove wire, apply a spot of craft glue to end, and reinsert. Let dry.

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