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Applique Slip-On Shoes

Kung-fu footwear is just what the kiddies need to mount a sneak attack on the cookie plate.

black childrens slippers with iron-on applique patches

Photography: Addie Juell

Source: Martha Stewart Living, December 2018


These slippers are made of cotton, soles and all, so it's quiet, comfortable, and washable—not to mention primed for patches. Make a pair, or fill a basketful and place it near your door for company to slide into. No needle or thread is required for them, since you only iron on the designs. Choose a motif that really captures your recipient—we've got buzzing insects for the queen bee and a candy-striped snake for Harry Potter die-hards. 


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  • Kung-fu shoes or slippers (Pictured: Karate-mart cotton-sole kung-fu slippers and shoes, from $9 per pair,

  • Iron-on patches (Pictured: Patch Collection coral snake combo sneaker iron-on appliqué patches, $14 for 2,; M&J Trimming iron-on metallic bee patches, $4 each,

  • Iron

  • Cloth


  1. Arrange patches in a desired layout before ironing each one into place.

  2. To apply, remove peel-off backing from patch and position design onto fabric. (Note: This backing contains a thin layer of heat-activated glue that adheres the patch to a surface permanently when ironed.) When ironing, use a cloth to cover the patch. Refer to packaging for specific instructions on ironing methods and time.

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