A lively, petite design has ample joie de vivre to embellish a classic French cap.
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girl in floral applique beret

The explosion of cute patches you've spotted in the craft aisle and on pint-size backpacks everywhere make these accessories as colorful and original as the kids you know. No needle or thread is required for our sweet beret, since you only iron on the designs. Choose a motif that really captures your recipient—we've got roses for a little blossom, buzzing insects for the queen bee, and a candy-striped snake for Harry Potter die-hards. Use multiples of a small patch, like this flower or a butterfly, to create a charming all-over pattern. 

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What you need


How to do it

Part 1

Step 1

Arrange patches in a desired layout before ironing each one into place.

Step 2

To apply, remove peel-off backing from patch and position design onto fabric. (Note: This backing contains a thin layer of heat-activated glue that adheres the patch to a surface permanently when ironed.) When ironing, use a cloth to cover the patch. Refer to packaging for specific instructions on ironing methods and time.


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