Plaid, asymmetrical wreaths, and upcycled ornaments are among the trendsetters.

By Erika Owen
November 08, 2018

It's official: Halloween has come and gone, and it's time to deck the halls (early, if you wish) for the holidays. In case you're looking for some inspiration, Pinterest has released its annual holiday trend report on the recipes, décor, and do-it-yourself topics that are making the rounds on the social platform.

If you're looking to get started on incorporating some of this year's trends into your own home, you're in the right place. From traditional patterns to creative ways to put your holiday cards on display, the décor trends of 2018 call for an imaginative mindset and a do-it-yourself skillset. Get inspired with us and then, get started. (We can hear the jingle bells already.)


Everyone is mad for plaid this year. Specifically, buffalo plaid is emerging as the print du jour. Searches for this pattern are peaking 417 percent over last year, and inspiring stockings, ornaments, and wrapping paper of all rolls. We've been using it in projects for years: plaid ball ornaments, ribbon pennants, and even Martha's stocking for the grandchildren last year.

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wreath hanging on blue door
Credit: Paola + Murray


Lush firs and leafy magnolias hold a special place in our hearts, but why not try your hand at an asymmetrical wreath? What that means: The natural embellishments are loose and freeform without being evenly distributed around the entire base, so feel free to add a burst of dried flowers here or living greens there with creative abandon. Our gallery of wild wreaths by Emily Thompson is a great spot to start for inspiration. (This hoop wreath tutorial is another good place to start.) The search term is up 27 percent over last year, so you know there are plenty of examples out there.

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Credit: Johnny Miller


What do you do with all of the holiday cards that are sent in the mail? Make them part of your décor! Everyone is looking for new creative ways to arrangethem with Pinterest searches for "holiday card displays" spiking 460 percent over last year. If you have enough of them, you can turn them into an alternative Christmas tree. Or you could line your staircase in a Christmas card garland. The opportunities are endless.

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Credit: Ryan Liebe


The eight nights of Hanukkah are centered around one beautiful symbol: the menorah. If you're looking for a modern heirloom, craft your own "copper menorah." Not only is the search term up 101 percent over last year, but we also have the perfect project for you. Our copper menorah is constructed with materials easily found at most home-improvement centers: a block of oak and small metal couplings (ordinarily used for joining plumbing pipes) for the main part, and a piece of oak hobby board and metallic trim for the base.

TRY IT: Red Oak Wooden-and-Copper Menorah


If you're looking to save on materials while also doing good for the planet, look to all of those holiday cards you've received. According to Pinterest, searches for "upcycled ornaments" are up 325 percent, so you're not alone. Our recycling tutorial turns holiday cards into beautiful keepsakes for your tree.

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marbled ornaments


See what you can make with a swirl of paint: Marbled ornaments are not only gorgeous, but they're also up 113 percent in searches over 2017. Our marbled ornament DIY calls for marbling medium, a product that will make this project way less messy than you'd imagine.

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embroidered leaves
Credit: Chelsea McNamara Cavanaugh


According to Pinterest, leaf place cards-in which a single leaf becomes the signal for a dinner guest to take their seat at the table-is a big trend for this year with searches up 116 percent over last year. If you're looking to take it a step further, these paper napkin rings are easy to make and fall right into the trend of adding some leaves to your table settings.

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fabric giftwrap
Credit: Addie Juell


For those of you looking to make things merry and more eco-friendly, we have one word for you: furoshiki. This traditional Japanese cloth, printed in lovely patterns, is often used to wrap bento boxes for beautiful presentation. For the holidays, it's one of our favorite ways to wrap a present. But there are countless other ways to reduce consumption of ribbons, wrapping paper, and other trimmings: seed paper gift tags, shredded paper for filling boxes, and wrapping in tea towels or scarves. How's that for "Changing the Day"?

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Feeling inspired? Watch how to decorate your tree from top to bottom:


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