Deborah Orth and her family have one wish for their donated tree.

By Alexandra Churchill
November 02, 2018

Midwesterners, get ready: Chicago has found the perfect tree. And soon, it will light up Millennium Park on Michigan Ave.

It's a beautifully grand 60-foot Norway Spruce donated by Deborah Orth and her family from west suburban Elmhurst. The Orth family tree outshone close to 80 other contenders in this year's state-wide search, and it has been growing since the family's home was built in 1949. "I thought this was a great way for the tree to go out. It's been a great tree for us, providing a lot of shelter from the wind, sun and headlights. Now it gets to be lit up and enjoyed by so many," Orth said to ABC 7 Chicago. "They gave me a little piece, so you can turn it into an end table or stool or something like that. So we'll have a little piece of the tree forever." To be considered as the center of Chicago's holiday celebrations, a tree must be 55 feet or taller, a spruce or fir, and located less than 100 miles from downtown.

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This year's lighting of the 105th annual Chicago Christmas tree will take place on Friday, November 16 in Millennium Park. All are welcome to attend the festivities at which spectators can congregate for a night of Christmas lights, live music, and performances leading up the tree's decorated debut. The Orth family will join Santa Claus, where they will personally light the tree sometime around 6:30 p.m.

And if you're already on the lookout for your own Christmas tree, Martha is here to help:


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