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flower arrangements display
Credit: Kate Sears

Sierra Steifman, founder of New York boutique event and floral-design firm Poppies & Posies isn't one of those people who can just take it easy.

Right after giving birth to her daughter Romy in 2015, Steifman decided to launch a new company. "It's crazy, but I have a hard time just coasting," says the 35-year-old.

woman flower arrangement storage workshop space
Credit: Kate Sears

The New Hampshire native, who started Poppies & Posies 10 years ago, always fantasized about creating a chic product line like the lust-worthy accessories she uses to curate her parties and sets. But it wasn't until she was seated next to Jesse James and Gus Anagnopoulos of design group Aesthetic Movement at a party that the idea of Floral Society came to life. Together they created a wish list of beautiful tools and objects every budding home entertainer and gardener wants to surround herself with.

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ceramic floral display on shelves
Credit: Kate Sears

"I've been in floral industry for a while and I saw the rise in everyday people-not necessarily aspiring to be floral designers-but looking for a creative outlet," explains Steifman.

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floral society hanging planter
Credit: Kate Sears

"So at the heart of it, I set out to create high-quality products to help people play around with flowers, get their hands dirty, and make floral design more approachable."

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mismatched taper candles
Credit: Kate Sears

Along with chic utilitarian items such as the perfect floral clippers and sturdy market tote, Steifman's first collection includes beautiful tapers in dreamy, muted tones, elegant silk ribbon and pretty seed packets.

floral stem tape pieces
Credit: Kate Sears

For those ready to roll up their sleeves, the brand offers floral workshop and wreath-making kits that contain supplies, tools, and passwords to online tutorials.

And to date, the collection is a hit: Steifman, whose products are now sold in more than 100 stores nationwide including Anthropologie, Food52, and Burke Decor, just launched her fall 2018 line. Here are some of our favorites:

yellow white flowers in frog vase with natural light
Credit: Kate Sears

Vases and Frog Bowls

Every home entertainer knows the easiest way to pretty up a space is by adding flowers. But there's more to it than throwing blooms in a vase. For that reason, the matte white Ceramic Frog Bowl ($110) is Steifman's favorite in the collection. "It's so easy that anyone can use it, anyone can put flowers in it," she says. "And it looks beautiful with leftover flowers." The same can be said for the Ceramic Frog Vase (from $30) and the newest addition, the Ceramic Frog Bowl and Taper Holder ($115).

Shop Now:Ceramic Flower Frog Vase ($34-$106, food52.com)

bowls of ribbon
Credit: Kate Sears

Floral Clippers

TFS products are sourced or made in a lot of places including tapers from the United States (from $38); ribbons from India (from $26.50); and Floral Clippers from Japan ($64.50). Those sleek clippers are by Japanese brand Sakagen, and Steifman has been using them for years. "A great set of clippers is a must, and these fit in [your hands] really well," she says. Instead of trying to reinvent the wheel, the designer collaborated with Sakagen on the special edition for her brand.

Shop Now: Floral Clippers ($64, food52.com)

garden wall organizer and shelves
Credit: Kate Sears

Canvas Goods

The handsome Canvas Wall Organizer, made of heavy-gauge cotton canvas with copper rivets, works just as well in a shed as it does in a kid's room or office. The collection also includes a Market Tote ($52); Utility Tote ($132); and Apron ($65).

Shop Now: Canvas Wall Organizer ($148, anthropologie)

individual seed packets and terracotta pots
Credit: Kate Sears


These gorgeous seed packets ($5 each), are an ideal gift for the gardener in your life.

Shop Now: Edible Flowers Grow Kit ($34, anthropologie.com)

woman creating floral arrangement
Credit: Kate Sears

Workshop Kits

You or the budding florist in your life can learn to create showstopping arrangements in Steifman's signature loose, organic style with these Workshop Kits ( that contain the essentials: floral clippers, netting, floral tape, flower food, and access to online tutorials.

Shop Now: Arrangement Workshop ($94, anthropologie.com)


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