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1 Crust, 7 Stunning Thanksgiving Pies—Perfect for Your Holiday Spread!

  • Photos by Johnny Miller
  • Recipes by Shira Bocar

Whether you’re a novice or an expert baker, homemade pie always feels like an accomplishment—and making them can be just as fun as eating them. Start with our go-to pâte brisée crust, then fill it with one of these flavorful twists on Thanksgiving tradition.

Poached-Pear Frangipane Tart

If you need a good reason to take the extra step of poaching pears in mulled wine for this topping, we have three: It infuses them with warm spices, promises firm but not crisp pieces (uncooked fruit releases moisture in the oven, leading to mushiness), and gives the slices a stunning ombré appearance. Frangipane is an ideal filling—the mix of ground almonds, butter, sugar, and egg has a delicate, crumbly texture and tastes like marzipan.

Chocolate Chess Pie

If members of your camp believe a dessert doesn't count unless it has chocolate in it, pull over here. This is a quintessential pantry recipe—mostly sugar, eggs, and butter—and the cocoa and espresso powders lend the iconic Southern sweet a sublime spin. It’s a quick whisk-and-pour filling, requiring just one bowl, so you can easily check it off your list.

Sweet-Potato Custard Pie

Pumpkin pie is the ur-dessert of Thanksgiving. This year, evolve it with this pillow-top confection. It features the same cinnamon and nutmeg, but the roasted sweet potatoes are denser and richer-tasting than canned pumpkin. Halved marshmallows, shingled in circles and toasted with a torch or under the broiler, make an arresting design with minimal effort: Just spritz kitchen shears with cooking spray and snip the puffs in half.

Date-Pecan Pie

Two important steps distinguish this pecan pie. One is replacing some of the sugar in the filling with date purée for an intense caramel flavor. The other is blindbaking the crust thoroughly—which isn’t standard for pecan pies, but should be, per our editors. (The common belief that the bottom will bake properly even when filled is a recipe for a wimpy crust.) Blind-baking ensures a flaky, golden shell that cradles the gooey nuttiness within.

Decorative Double-Crust Apple Pies

When you plan to add a top crust (hence the term double in the name), precooking the filling releases moisture to minimize shrinkage and creates an even surface for your artistry. Preparing the apples on the stove will also concentrate their flavor; just be careful not to simmer them so long that they start to lose their shape.

Double-Coconut Cream Pie

Loaded with sweetened shredded coconut and coconut milk, our recipe is unabashedly indulgent. It’s also a make-ahead dream, since it needs to set for six hours in the fridge. Custard newbies can hone techniques like slowly adding the warm milk to the beaten egg yolks, so they temper rather than scramble, and whisking the filling as it cools, to ensure smoothness. The whipped-cream topping has just a touch of sugar, to balance the luscious base.

Top Gear

Gather these eight must-have tools before you start making any of the pies above—the baking process will run so much more smoothly.

Blind-Baking Basics

Learn how to get this piecrust technique just right. It's critical for pies with unbaked fillings, or fillings with a short baking time.