Succulent Planter Pumpkins

Learn how to turn pumpkins into a planter for small, sculptural succulents. As a fall decoration, it's both functional and beautiful.

pumpkin succulents

Ghostly pale pumpkins make striking vessels for small, sculptural plants like succulents. House your favorite sun-loving varieties—echeveria, haworthia, and jade—inside a natural planter that's both functional and beautiful. For this project, you will need two key things: gardening pot liners and the perfect soil. When planting in a vessel without drainage holes such as a pumpkin, opt to use a liner. This prevents the soil from quickly rotting the inside of the pumpkin, and you'll be able to swap plants in and out without disturbing the roots. "You'll need a soil that drains well," says Living features editor Melissa Ozawa. "So I would recommend a cactus potting soil blend." Once carved, pumpkins will last five to ten days before wilting and showing signs of decay.

What You'll Need



  1. Turn liner upside down and position circular opening over the stem, tracing the circumference with a grease pencil.

  2. Use the keyhole saw to cut the circle. Then, using the fleshing tool, remove seeds, stringy pulp, and a thin layer of flesh from inside of the pumpkin.

  3. Insert one liner into the opening. Then, fill a second liner with soil, transplant succulents into it, and slip into the first liner resting in the pumpkin. Pro tip: Using two liners makes it easier to repot succulents after the autumn season is over.

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