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6 Ingenious Ideas for Using Up Leftover Cranberry Sauce

Make the most of Thanksgiving's MVP condiment at breakfast, dinner, and even cocktail hour.

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oatmeal and yogurt topped with cranberry sauce
Photography by: Justin Walker

Cranberry sauce, the jewel of the Thanksgiving table, can keep sparkling after the holiday (and not just in turkey sandwiches). Try our recipe for your big-day spread, then stir it into a next-day breakfast, a brilliant cocktail, a fluffy cheesecake, and more.


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1. Spoon Over Yogurt and Oatmeal

For a refreshing—and eye-opening—wake-up call, top warm oatmeal with a pool of creamy, cool yogurt (any plain kind works) and a few teaspoons of sauce.

waffles with cranberry sauce spread
Photography by: Justin Walker

2. Flavor Butter

Blend together equal amounts of softened unsalted butter and cranberry sauce, then spread the combo on warm waffles (or pancakes, or biscuits) in lieu of maple syrup.

soft pretzels with dijon mustard and cranberry sauce
Photography by: Justin Walker

3. Stir into a Dip

Mix together equal parts country-style Dijon mustard and cranberry sauce for prize-worthy pretzel dunking. Save any leftovers for a turkey-cheddar sandwich, or serve in place of plain mustard with a spread of charcuterie and sausages.

cranberry chicken with greens on plate with cutlery
Photography by: Justin Walker

4. Go with a Glaze

For this American translation of duck à l’orange, simmer the sauce with shallots and sherry vinegar, and pour the mixture onto chicken legs before roasting. Serve over mashed potatoes.


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round cranberry cheesecake with slice cut
Photography by: Justin Walker

5. Swirl into a Cheesecake

To elevate a cheesecake, use cranberry sauce to make an artful design: Dollop it over the filling a spoonful at a time, then use a toothpick to create festive strokes of flavor.


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cranberry spritz cocktail
Photography by: Bryan Gardner

6. Mix Into a Drink

Sweet-tart cranberry sauce works well with all kinds of spirits—tequila, mezcal, whiskey, you name it. Use a couple spoonfuls to transform three classic cocktails: a paloma, a Manhattan, and a kir royale.


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