All you need are popsicle sticks and cinnamon sugar to pull off this dramatic design.
decorative cinnamon sugar stencil double crust apple pie
Credit: Johnny Miller

A classic double-crust pie is all well and good, but for a holiday like Thanksgiving, why not show off a little? This beautiful stenciled top crust is surprisingly easy to execute and doesn't even require an actual stencil—just popsicle sticks and plenty of cinnamon sugar. Start with a batch of our Test Kitchen's Favorite Pate Brisée, then roll out a disk of dough on a lightly floured piece of parchment to a 13-inch round, about 1/8 inch thick. Transfer on parchment to a baking sheet and, using a small round cutter or paring knife, cut a 1-inch hole in the center. Now you're ready for the tutorial below—follow the simple steps and prepare to wow! We chose to embellish our apple pie with this top crust, but you can use it to crown any pie with flavors that pair well with cinnamon.

popsicle sticks creating a pattern on pie crust
Credit: Johnny Miller

Brush the Top Crust

Coat the top crust with egg white; stamp a 1-inch round vent in the center before refrigerating for 30 minutes. Then, cut a 9-inch circle out of a large sheet of parchment paper; lay the resulting hole over the dough to keep the edge of the design crisp. Place four ice-pop sticks around the vent at 90-degree angles, pressing gently to adhere. Working out from the center, place more sticks, 1/2-inch apart, creating an arrow pattern.

popsicle stick stencil art with sprinkled cinnamon sugar on pie crust
Credit: Johnny Miller

Add Some Sugar

Use a small sieve to sprinkle on cinnamon sugar. This step is oh so sweet, and adds some extra flavor to the crust—not to mention it provides the color to create the design

decorative cinnamon sugar design on pie crust
Credit: Johnny Miller


Keep It Clean

Brush excess sugar off the sticks; carefully remove them, then the parchment paper. Next, center the stenciled dough over the filling and crimp the edges. Finally, refrigerate for 30 minutes, then bake.


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