And what helped Martha & Marley Spoon win this dinner showdown.

martha marley spoon chicken dish
Credit: Marley Spoon

For those busy weeknights when you're craving home-cooking, a meal kit can be your culinary best friend. With all the options available, how do you know which box you want shipped to your door? Thankfully, food writer and recipe developer Rick Martinez has whittled down the competition. Spoiler alert: he ranks Martha and Marley Spoon his number one.

Scoping out the top ten meal kits in the business, Martinez narrowed the selection down to Blue Apron, Green Chef, Sun Basket, and Martha & Marley Spoon. His requirements? "The thing I was really looking for was: is it fast, easy, and fresh? And finally, did it taste good?" Martinez said in his recommendation video for Quiddity. "Was it a meal that I would want to serve to my family and friends? And would I actually want to eat this again?"

While impressed that some boxes included unusual ingredients, like black garlic, to inspire a home cook, he was less enthused about re-packaged sauces and condiments that would be better made fresh. And though most of the meal kit recipes resulted in pretty plates of food, in the end taste trumped all-and that's where Martha & Marley Spoon came out on top.

marley spoon burgers asparagus tomatoes
Credit: Marley Spoon

The Marley Spoon recipe he tested was a classic crowdpleaser, grass-fed beef burgers. The meal kit came with simply delicious roasted asparagus fries (dipped in egg and coated in panko), and also highlighted a pro-cooking tip Martinez thought home chefs would really benefit from. "You actually make your own sauce," he said. "The tomatoes are seared in the same pan after the meat was cooked so you're picking up all the residual flavor, a bit of the fat from the meat." He also appreciated that diners would know exactly what they were eating (read: no pre-bagged sauces), and found that overall Martha & Marley Spoon recipes were more innovative than their competitors. Martinez conclusion; if you love Martha's recipes, you'll love her meal kits.


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