Guess what? Martha's mastered them all.
pegasus unicorn halloween costume
Credit: Addie Juell

For years, we've been helping you answer that lingering question in October: "What should I be for Halloween this year?" And if you haven't found the answer yet, rest assured, there's still time to transform into something magical, mysterious, or otherworldly entirely from your imagination.

That's because Google has released its annual reveal of the most-searched costumes on the Internet-appropriately named the Frightgeist report-just in case you're looking for some inspiration. Don't worry, you can bring it down to a local level and explore at the most popular costume searches both locally and nationally. On Google's list, Fortnite and Spider-Man take the No. 1 and No. 2 spot on this year's list, following by the unicorn and dinosaur. We approve many of these selects, especially having brought some to life in seasons past. Plan now, and guaranteed, you'll win the costume contest.


An iridescent party curtain, glittery fabric, a dancer's cape, and an LED candle quick transform into this mythical winged spectacle. (Fun fact: This is the third most-searched costume for this year, nation-wide!)

TRY IT: Pegasus-Unicorn Costume
dinosaur costume kids
Credit: Addie Juell


The highlight of this dinosaur costume are the spiky "scales" made from a green tarp and some rope. Bonus: the green ski hood, T-shirt, and leggings will keep kids warm during a rousing night of trick-or-treating.

TRY IT: Dinosaur Costume


Perhaps it's a nostalgic fondness for Harry Potter (the books, the movies, plus a certain new line of products at Pottery Barn) but witches are making a comeback. Even if you take off for a night of trick-or-treating sans a broomstick or potion ingredients (say, eyes of newt?) there's one thing you need: a pointed hat.

TRY IT: Witch Hats


It's a bird! It's a plane! Wrong: it's your little trick-or-treater. A superhero costume-customized to the look of any iconic character-can be assembled with a shirt, cape, and accessorizes like masks, headbands, and wristbands. Just explore your local hardware store: Most carry duct tape, painters' tape, and foil tape in a range of colors.

TRY IT: Superhero Cape and T-Shirt
mermaid halloween kids costume girl sea shells crown necklace
Credit: Janelle Jones


You don't have to struggle all night long in an uncomfortable single-legged fin, if you're itching to be a mermaid this Halloween. Our do-it-yourself modern take looks great with printed leggings and ruffles of tulle around the ankles, giving off the same effect with way more comfort.

TRY IT: Mermaid Costume
skeleton makeup tutorial
Credit: Taylor Grayson Photo


You could go all out and outfit yourself in a jumpsuit with a printed skeleton on it, but anyone can do that. Instead, try your hand at this skeleton makeup tutorial. This is a perfect one if you're short on time and budget.

TRY IT: Skeleton Makeup
dog dragon costume
Credit: Aaron Dyer


Halloween is a fun-for-all kind of holiday, and that includes the four-legged member of your family. Dress them up for the occasion with a costume that will be the talk of the neighborhood (or, at least, the dog park). This adorable dragon get-up is guaranteed to earn Fido a treat or two.

TRY IT: Dragon Dog Costume
Credit: Anna Williams


Anyone can be the Big Bad Wolf with this Halloween costume how-to. (You just need to find a gray hoodie and gray pants in the right size!) If you're looking for a more dapper version (suit included), check out this tutorial to transform into the Big Bad Wolf from folklore.

TRY IT: Big Bad Wolf Costume


This Little Red Riding Hood kids costume all comes down to two big things: a gingham dress and a red corduroy cloak. Adults looking for a chic take on the classic costume, never fear. This grown-up Red Riding Hood outfit features glitter-coated red pumps, a crimson gown, and a wide red ribbon at the waist.

TRY IT: Little Red Riding Hood Costume
Credit: Fadil Berisha


What could be more ethereal, enchanting, and magical than a fairy? Little aspiring fairies can dress up in ethereal skirts that are a cinch-literally-to put together; just punch a series of holes in layers of tulle, thread cord through, and pull. Help them accessorize with nature-based motifs: a butterfly crown, a bouquet of flowers, or a lily pad topper complete with a frog. And if you're the Fairy Godmother ruling over them all? Pick up your wand, and make a grand entrance like Martha.

TRY IT: Woodland Fairy and Sprite Costumes

Feeling inspired? Watch how to recreate Martha's iridescent look:


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