You can cross "vacuuming" off your to-do list—forever.

October 11, 2018
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Credit: iRobot

If your vacuuming routine still involves maneuvering around cords, hauling a heavy machine around the house, and emptying grimy bags of dirt, it's time for an upgrade. While earlier versions of the iRobot Roomba completely changed the cleaning game, making vacuuming as hands-free as pressing a button, the latest model, the Roomba i7+, has revolutionized vacuuming once again. How could it possibly get any easier? Now, you don't even have to change the bin.

The Roomba i7 has two options, with or without the Automatic Dirt Disposal. When you purchase the Roomba i7, you can add on the automatic-disposal feature for $250, or you can choose to purchase it later for $300. Our advice after seeing the feature in action: Don't hesitate, it's worth every penny. With previous Roomba models, the robotic vacuum would zip around the house, sucking up dust and debris, but you still had to do the dirty work of emptying out the bin. The updated model helps you avoid this dreaded task. When the cleaning job is finished, the vacuum returns to its home base, where a second vacuum in the base sucks up everything inside the vacuum's bin. It all gets trapped inside a sealed, disposable bag that's large enough to hold 30 bins worth of dust and hair. This way, you'll only have to change the bag once every few weeks (depending upon how dirty your home is, of course), and you'll never have to touch the gross stuff.

Credit: iRobot

Another innovative feature that sets the i7 apart is that it has the ability to map out and remember every single room in your house. As the vacuum explores your home for the first time, it builds a map of the entire floor plan using Imprint™ Smart Mapping technology. Then, using the app, you can label each room "kitchen," "living room," etc. and task the machine with cleaning specific spaces in your home. This way, when guests stop by on short notice, you can tell the Roomba to quickly vacuum the entryway and living room while you wipe down the bathroom.

According to the reviews that have come pouring in since the product's launch last month, customers say the new Roomba is just as magical as it sounds. "The best feeling coming into my home after my new Roomba i7 has done its job just makes my heart melt especially knowing that everything is clean. I just love to walk in and be able to relax after a long day at work," one reviewer writes. And if you're debating whether the extra cost of the newer model is really worth it (with the Automatic Dirt Disposal, it totals $950), the reviewers assure us that the updated version is far superior to previous models. "Wow, just wow - the new features on this one over the previous generation is truly impressive," another reviewer writes. This is an investment piece for sure, but never having to vacuum ever again sounds pretty priceless.


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