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Martha Stewart's Stenciled "Thankful" Sign

Make your holiday guests feel right at home with this sweet and simple stenciling project. 

merch stencil thankful sign

Photography: John Armitage

Source: Plaid


  1. Lightly sand wood plaque to remove any rough wood before stenciling.

  2. Prepare stencil by peeling to remove it from clear backer sheet. Starting in the center, press the stencils into place onto plaque.

  3. Using medium dauber, lightly dab on a thin layer of the copper paint. Apply a second coat if necessary.

  4. Repeat leaves on top and bottom of sign as shown, using a small dauber and more copper paint.

  5. While paint is still wet, carefully peel off stencil. Let dry completely.

    merch stencil thankful sign product

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